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Budgeting and Cost Analysis will show you how you spend your money and project spending for the next season.

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Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP)

  • Create Estimated Nutrient Budgets
  • Import and Track Lab Samples for Well, Soil, Harvest, etc.
  • Track Nitrogen Usage On All Fields
  • Generate Reports For Expected & Actual Nitrogen Usage.
  • Generate Maps For Parcel APNs, Fields, Wells, Ditches, and more.
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Compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, & Android Phones

  • Get the latest updates on your farm wherever you are.
  • Create events & notes from your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • No connection, No problem. Offline mode keeps you working uninterrupted.
  • All changes will be automatically synced when you come back online.
  • Inspections are GPS located for accurate review & record keeping.
  • You can mange your fields, pumps, events, and notes.
  • And add notes & take photos on the go.
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Amazing Tools That Make You More Efficient

  • Track everything happening on your fields and be notified when something changes
  • Upload and Analyze lab samples in a few easy steps
  • Create budgets, estimate costs, and generate reports
  • Add inspection notes on any field instantly from your phone, tablet, or desktop
  • Set up irrigation scheduling, harvest dates, planting dates, fertilizer applications, and more…
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